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                Elevated Temperature Usage

                The following graph is for use with the Nova range of 316 stainless steel fittings and tubing. The thick
                line depicts the reduction in yield stress of the 316 and the corresponding reduction in valve rated
                pressure (some items may be used in the area above the line – consult agent or factory for specific

                The graph should be used for reference only as other considerations such as fatigue, creep, corrosion
                etc can affect performance at elevated temperatures. Please consult agent or factory for unusual
                operating conditions.

                Standard Materials of Construction

                Fittings (10,20,30,000 psi)               AISI 316 L/DIN 1.4404 to NACE MR-01-75
                Fittings (60,000 psi/4000 bar/
                                100,000 psi/7000 bar)     AISI 316 L/DIN 1.4404
                Tubing (20, 30,000 psi)                    AISI 316 L/DIN 1.4404 to NACE MR-01-75
                Tubing (10, 20, 60,000 psi/4000 bar/
                                100,000 psi/7000 bar)     AISI 316 L/DIN 1.4404
                Filters (4000 bar)                             AISI 316 L/DIN 1.4404

                SPAREs KITS
                To order spares kits, insert SK- in front of the valve catalogue number (see examples below).
                To order individual connection components, use the catalogue numbers in the Fittings section.
                To order any other individual components, contact factory or local agent.

                Kv values according to DIN EN 60543-2-3 for flow of water.
                kv: flow of water in m3/h, temperature +5 to +30°C at a pressure drop of 1 bar (14.5 psi), in a
                determined direction through an object. Instruments in fully open position.


                Note: Due to our policy of continuos development we reserve the right to modify products and specifications without notice.


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